Chengdu City Music Hall | 成都城市音乐厅 (Chengdu)

The City Hall has completed construction recently and it offers an opera hall with 1565 seats, a concert hall with 1,392 seats, a theatre hall with 400 seats, a small-sized concert hall with 200 seats, and an outdoor open-air theatre, providing arenas for all types of performances, including classical concerts, vocal concerts of pop music, traditional dramas, and experimental dramas. It is brand new as well with it being fully functional in May 2019.

Address: Intersection between Section 1, 1st Ring Road South and Minzhu Road

Address CN: 成都市一环路南一段与民主路交叉口

Google map

1st Ring Road South 1st Section, 高新南区, Wuhou, Sichuan

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