Chengdu Open Air Music Park (Chengdu)

The open air music park covers an area of 395000 square meters, this park has a main stage, green landscape, sport facilities, waters, lighting, and auxiliary structures. It is the top open-air music performance venue and music-themed urban park in Western China, even the whole country.

The site with the main stage is available for half-indoor concerts for 10,000 audiences and indoor concerts for 5000 audiences. Chengdu Open Air Music Park is recently opened and brand new with it opening May 1, 2019. Be one of the first to experience this wonderful venue today!

Address: Beijing Avenue East, Chengdu North Commercial New Town, Chengdu

Address CN: 成都市北部新城北星大道东侧

Google map

成都市北部新城北星大道东侧, Xindu, Sichuan

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