Direct High-Speed Railway to Shenzhen 这道题要考!问:最新高铁直达的看海地点是……

The direct high-speed railway from Chengdu East to Shenzhen North was opened on July 5, which takes less than 8.5 hours. See below for more information:

Train No.

Chengdu East – Shenzhen North: G4511, departure at 09:50 and arrival at 18:11 (daily);

Shenzhen North – Chengdu East: G4512, departure at 10:28 and arrival at 18:56 (daily).


Outward trip: 8h 21min, return trip: 8h 28min. It saves more than 4 hours compared with the slowest train in the past (transit in Guangzhou).

Ticket Price

Second-class: RMB 672.5, first-class: RMB 1,057.5, business-class: RMB 1,995.5

Besides Shenzhen, the train will also stop at seven stations along the route including Leshan, Yibin West, Guiyang East, Guilin West, Zhaoqing East, Guangzhou South and Humen, all of which are places of interest. Here is a list of must-sees & dos!

1 乐山 Leshan

  • 观赏中国最大的摩崖石刻造像——乐山大佛
    View Leshan Giant Buddha – the largest cliff carving sculpture in China
  • 登上峨眉金顶看云海与日出
    Climb on the Golden Peak of Mount Emei to watch sea of clouds and sunrise
  • 体验蒸汽小火车之旅
    Go on a steam train tour
  • 去峨眉猴山“称霸”
    Check out the monkeys on Mount Emei

Golden Peak of Mount Emei

2 宜宾 Yibin

  • 蜀南竹海乘凉
    Enjoy the cool breeze at Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea
  • 在李庄古镇吃一盘正宗李庄白肉
    Taste the authentic Lizhuang White Pork at Lizhuang Ancient Town
  • 把把烧就夜啤酒
    Enjoy Yibin-flavoured BBQ & beer
  • 石海古苗寨一探苗族文化
    Explore the Miao culture at the ancient Miao village in Shihai

Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea

3 贵阳Guiyang

  • 登上“黔南第一山”
    Climb on the “First Mountain in Southern Guizhou”
  • 走过青岩古镇的石巷
    Walk through the stone lane of Qingyan Ancient Town
  • 酸汤鱼要连汤带鱼一起吃
    Taste the Fish in Sour Soup together with the soup
  • 早餐吃花溪牛肉粉
    Have Huaxi beef rice noodles for breakfast

Qingyan Ancient Town

4 桂林 Guilin

  • 十里画廊、龙脊梯田的美景尽收眼底
    Enjoy a panoramic view of the Ten-mile Gallery and Longji Rice Terraces
  • 坐竹筏游漓江
    Take a tour of the Lijiang River on a bamboo raft
  • 在有1400多年历史的阳朔西街走一走
    Take a walk along the Yangshuo West Street, which has a history of more than 1,400 years
  • 必吃桂林米粉
    A must-eat – Guilin rice noodles

Lijiang River

5 肇庆 Zhaoqing

  • 看一看鼎湖山的原始森林
    Take a look at the primeval forest of Dinghu Mountain
  • 与夕阳下的崇禧塔合影
    Take a photo with the Chongxi Tower in the sunset

Dinghu Mountain

6 广州 Guangzhou

  • 去沙面岛看异域风建筑
    See exotic buildings in Shamian Island
  • 吃大份正宗广式肠粉
    Eat a large bowl of authentic Cantonese steamed rice noodle roll
  • 长隆欢乐世界嗨一整天
    Spend a perfect day in Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

Shamian Island

7 虎门 Humen

  • 逛一逛虎门炮台遗址
    Visit the Old Site of Humen Fortress
  • 在威远公园看日落
    Watch the sunset at Weiyuan Park

Weiyuan Park

8 深圳 Shenzhen

  • 在西涌海滩坐拥“最美海岸线”
    Enjoy the “most beautiful coastline” at Xichong Beach
  • 看遍杨梅坑的青山、溪流与大海
    See the green hills, streams and seas of Yangmei Keng
  • 在南澳领略渔乡风情
    Enjoy the picturesque view at fishing village in Nan’ao Bay
  • 大吃一顿本地烧腊界的“王者”——公明烧鹅
    Try the “king” of the local roasted food – Gongming Roasted Goose

Yangmei Keng

编辑 Editor | 秦雁聆 Maggie Qin
审核校对 Senior Editor | 陈思颖 Cheer Chan & 崔梦菲 Faye Cui
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