Halloween in China

Halloween, a holiday of Celtic origin that is popular in English-speaking countries, has spread to major Chinese cities since the late 1990s. Together with foreign students and teachers of English, carnival parties became popular among Chinese youth. Now, every year on the eve of October 31, bars and clubs are preparing themed events, and residents of big cities are puzzled over the costumes, which are becoming more and more difficult each year.

When local supporters suggest banning Halloween in China and Christmas in China, they are primarily concerned that due to the popularization of Western holidays, young people lose interest in their own cultural traditions. Already, where, where, and in China, in lost souls, people knew a lot – the stories about ghosts and werewolves from folklore in the 20th century penetrated the cinema, especially in Hong Kong.

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Like medieval Christians, who believed that the dividing line between worlds was obliterated by diminishing daylight hours, and restless souls could penetrate ours, the Chinese also believed that during the seventh month of the lunar calendar (月, the month of the moon) we should fear hungry ghosts who want to change places with real people.

On the 14th (or 15th in different regions) of the 7th month of the lunar calendar in China, the Festival of Hungry Spirits was celebrated (盂兰盆 in the Buddhist tradition or 中元节 in the Taoist tradition, usually falls in August). According to the legend, on a full moon, hungry ghosts — those whom their descendants forgot, as well as those who died an unhappy death — penetrate the world of living people in search of food or a claimant to exchange places. To soothe irritated ghosts, they are presented with food, ritual money is burned, and lanterns in the shape of lotus flowers are fused along streams and canals.

10 essential purchases for Halloween in China

Despite the grumbling of old men, Halloween in China is more popular among young people than the traditional Festival of Hungry Spirits: it’s still more fun to dress up in costumes and participate in parties than to burn ritual money. Moreover, they are supported by thousands of foreigners living in Chinese cities, as well as schools and training centers where English is taught. For children, mass costume shows are held, which sometimes last several days.

This year Halloween fell on Wednesday October 24th, so most of the themed parties and other events were scheduled for October 27th on Saturday. Although some bars in Shanghai offer to start celebrating All Saints Day on the 18th. In any case, the time has come to hurry up with preparations for the most unexpected and fun festival in the international environment of China. To simplify the search for solutions for clothing and jewelry, we have prepared a ranking of 10 Halloween-themed purchases this year.

  • Bald wig

Bald wig

  • Hellraiser mask

Hellraiser mask

  • Rex dinosaur costume
  • Horse head mask

  • Coffins


  • Аnimal costumes for kids

  • Hell flame

Hell flame

  • Banana costume

Banana costume

  • Spiderweb


  • Pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin lantern Pumpkin lantern

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