How Hard Is Foreign Students Taking Online Classes?

For many teachers and students, it is bound to be a time to witness miracles in the spring of 2020. What has been happening in February, 2020 will surely be written into the history of world education. Due to the demand of the ministry of education to postpone the start of school, a largest-scale online collective teaching activity in human history has begun in China. More than 200 million teachers and students participate, including those foreign students who cannot return to China temporarily.


Since the birth of the Internet, countless students have longed to attend classes at home. Nowadays, this wish has actually come true.


In the early days, I was young and naive, thinking about the future: “ In 2020 I am looking forward to, we don’t need to go to school anymore and can take classes just at home.”


However, the ideal is nice and the reality is brutal. In the tide of “ non-stop” classes, so many foreign students are almost “crazed”. For foreign students from all over the world, the first try to online lessons is really sad.


Now, let’s take a look at what problems foreign students have meet with.


#1 Terrible Jet Lag!

#1 时差!倒时差!

Wake up to take online lessons at 3 am: Is it wrong way to attend the online class???

The inner overlapping sound of an international student in Europe: Classes start at 2 am, do I not need to sleep?


While domestic students are still sleeping, foreign students have no alternative but to get up to study.


A teacher was stuck by a question that an international student asked in the live stream room: “Hello, teacher. It is 3:37 am now in my city, do we have to take classes in the dark? ”


There was also an international student who was upset to study in complex mood in the early morning, and slowly typed three words in Chinese “ I’m dead…”


We are able to sense that they are in despair though we are sitting in front of the screen.

Similarly, apart from international students, those foreign teachers who cannot come back to China are also frustrated.
When domestic students say “ Good morning ” to their foreign teachers, they responded with a yawn: “ Good evening! ”
同样地,除了外国留学生们,无法赶回中国上课的外教同样让人心疼。当国内的学生对外教说Good morning时,老师只能打着哈欠回应:“Good evening!”

#2 How to Download These Applications?

#2 这么多网课直播软件,该如何下载?

Because of the difference in the network, those foreign students, who don’t know how to download these assigned applications used for online lessons, had to turn to their Chinese classmates for help. Certainly, there is still a jet lag. So, too difficult!!!
Sometimes you still cannot download it at all even if you are seeking assistance all the time, which is really annoying!


#3 Major Servers Fail

#3 各大网络教学平台相继而崩

On the first day of class, several major servers failed one after another.





To be continued…

#4 A Variety of Bugs Show Up

#4 各种bug轮番上场

Network instability, live video not smooth, being absent from class, unable to punch the clock and etc.
A live stream lesson is about 45 minutes, half of which is almost used to solve these all kind of issues.


Universities Have Been Solving the Difficulties of International Students in Online Classes

For example: Jinan University, which is known as “highest overseas Chinese university”, has 13,728 overseas Chinese and foreign students from 123 different countries and regions. In order to facilitate their access to the teaching platform successfully, the school network and education technology center set up evaluation team for students in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas accessing platform, which contributes to go on a timely “one-to-one” assessment of these students’ visit and ensure that students and teachers all over the world can take classes together.

In view of the jet lag of foreign students, teachers put the curriculum resources on the Internet on the one hand, and adjust the teaching time on the other hand, in order to ensure that all students can participate in learning successfully. After reading the passage, what’s your comment about it? Welcome to share with us!欢迎大家评论区留言!

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