Kuanzhai Alley – 宽窄巷子 (Chengdu)

Visitors to Chengdu, post-Pandas, will often make it to one of the city’s “new old” walking streets, such as Wenshu Temple or Jinli Street. Be sure to add The Wide and Narrow Alley to your list.

An ancient block of Qing Dynasty, composed of Wide Alley, Narrow Alley and Well Alley is know as Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu. The place where tourists experience the local culture and customs of Chengdu. The Wide Alley has the most complete and well preserved old buildings. The Narrow Alley gathers buildings from the late Qing Dynasty, early  Republic of China and the early western-style buildings. The Well Alley as the name says serves you well and offers a wide range of Chengdu folk customs and all kinds of Chengdu sneaks and folk arts and crafts. Besides you wil also find opera performances, nightclubs, ice cream, coffee, and European specialities.

We like the evening best; when locals come out to stroll and exercise and the buildings are lit to make us feel like we are on the set of a period movie.

You get there by Metro Line 4, get off at Kuanzhai Alley Station, 宽窄巷子站

Address: No.127 Changshun Street; 长顺上街127号

No.127 Changshun Street

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