Let’s look forward to the new look of Hongyadong!

Since it was opened on June 18, 2006, Hongyadong Scenic Area ushered in its 14th anniversary. Meanwhile, the famous Chongqing cultural tourism brand will also usher in the most important upgrading project since its opening.

Recently, Chongqing Little Swan Property Management Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the repair of the outer wall of Hongyadong Scenic Area and the lighting renovation project, which also marked that the three-month quality improvement was officially launched.

Hongyadong is famous for its night view and folk style. What is the secret of its “living breath” and how will it change in the future? Chongqing Morning Post interviewed Zhang Qi, the person in charge of the Scenic Area to reveal the secret.

The greatest quality improvement since the opening with investment of 30 million yuan

Every time the lights of Hongyadong stilted buildings, with a drop of 75m, almost means that Yuzhong Peninsula and even the city’s “living breath” have been awaken. For 14 years, it’s been so popular here.

But in Zhang Qi’s view, he was worried about the status of Hongyadong. Daytime viewing has been greatly reduced, and there are problems with the format and internal traffic of the Scenic Area. “It’s possible to decline after prospering.”

It is not difficult to find out from the comparison with the old photos 14 years ago that the appearance of the Scenic Area is getting old, the ancient building ornaments are partially cracked, the antique paint is refracted and faded, and the external lighting is also aging.

Affected by the epidemic, Hongyadong has some difficulties in its operation, but there is an opportunity in crisis.

Zhang Qi said that the tourist flow in the scenic area was large. In the past, there were no condition to make a big promotion. This time, they just made a comprehensive promotion. Specifically, it included external wall repair, lighting improvement, smart tourism and 5-9-storey business type adjustment, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan. It was known as the most important and largest quality improvement project since the opening of Hongyadong.

There are three key points about the long-lasting lighting of Hongyadong

The lighting of Hongyadong has been visited by staff of a large number of ancient towns and scenic spots all over the country. Why it can’t be imitated? Zhang Qi said, “I can give you the answer, there are three key points of lighting!”

One of the points is on the roof. The roofs of antique buildings such as old streets and ancient towns normally use old tiles and earth tiles, which were basically unable to hold people, let alone installing electric wiring and screw. Hongyadong has considered lighting project from the beginning of the design. The roof was made of steel terracotta, which satisfied the conditions of lighting layout.

The second point is in architectural features. Hongyadong was well-proportioned, with 75 meters of drop to retreat the stage and carry the beam, which made the night lighting view more layered.

The third point is the customized product, which is also the core part. Zhang Qi said that Hongyadong lighting had gone through a long process before reaching today’s effect. Hongyadong tried light bulbs, tubes, etc. as contour lights, but it failed to get a good effect. The light strips initially failed to meet the demands of antique architecture in terms of color temperature. Therefore, the Scenic Area conducted various comparisons, and finally chose a lamp manufacturer in Guangzhou to conduct “tailor-made” lighting for Hongyadong. At the same time, the manufacturer has been developing new products for Hongyadong for a long time, and this has made Hongyadong lighting enduring.

New lighting to make the backbone of the building more three-dimensional

How will the night lighting of Hongyadong be improved?

Zhang Qi said that he has also tried dynamic light and shadow to do some novel things. However, Hongyadong is near the river, so the effect of the light curtain is unstable as soon as the wind blows.

The first improvement is that almost all light sources are replaced. All the light strips will be replaced with LED light sources, and the service time will be longer on the basis of energy saving. At the same time, a large number of light sources will be added on the top and facade of the building to light up dark places you see now.

For example, gates and watchtowers will be highlighted with lights.

Zhang Qi said that in general, there will not be too many changes in this promotion. But a new vision will be reflected in the lighting that makes the backbone of the building more three-dimensional.

(Picture: 视觉中国)

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