Sketch Tattoo Studio (Chengdu)

At Sketch Studio they believe you should be able to have your own unique tattoo. We will NOT tattoo the same design on more than one person (unless it is a special request, such as a matching memorial). Our main artist from Ukraine (Alex), has a great talent of creating special designs. He is a practicing fine artist and has made tattooing his career. Alex can tattoo in nearly every style, putting emphasis on his versatility. He makes sure that each tattoo is a unique piece of art. Our second wonderful artist is Olivia from China. She was a cloth designer for children for 8 years. She is skilled and gifted illustrator and tattoo artist who is always ready to provide the most unique and fresh ideas for your new tattoo. We are a fully licensed and insured tattoo studio. In addition, for the safety of our customers we only use pre-packaged and sterilized disposable equipment. We make sure that each customer is as safe as possible throughout the entire process.

Also we can speak Russian , English and Chinese languages

Address: 2011, Block B, Poly Center, No.1JinxiuRoad, Wuhou district, Chengdu


Price: Prices are based on size and detail, starting price is 300 RMB , also we provide cover-ups, coverage and modifications

WeChat id : rinnnaka

Google map

成都市武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心B座, Wuhou, Sichuan

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