Tianfu Square – 天府广场 (Chengdu)

When you look at the map of Chengdu, Tianfu Square as the center of the city probably is the first thing that catches your eye. The square is much more than just the center of the city.  Families come to visit the museums nearby, while young commuters rush through. The heart of the city you could say. Tianfu square also has a big underground shopping mall and used to be the traditional crossing point of Chengdu Metro Line 1 and Line 2 Metro. Expect relaxing at the beautiful park and watching Chengdu’s traffic, the square is surrounded by several museums. The Chengdu Museum, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Sichuan Provincial Library and Sichuan Art Museum.

Section 1, South Renmin Road

Address CN: 人民南路1段,天府广场, 成都市

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