Wulong Fairy Mountain Airport to conduct test flight in October

According to Wulong District, Chongqing, in order to ensure that the navigation conditions will be met at the end of the year, Wulong Fairy Mountain Airport is currently stepping up the construction schedule, and the main construction of the airport terminal and towers has officially entered the final stage. It is expected to be completed by the end of September to prepare for the airport flight test in October.

Wulong Fairy Mountain Airport is one of the four regional airports planned and constructed by Chongqing. It is close to Fairy Mountain Prairie Scenic Area, Three Natural Bridges Scenic Area, Longshuixia Gap Scenic Area and Fairy Mountain Tourism Resort Area. It is an important branch airport for tourism. The current construction of Wulong Fairy Mountain Airport is progressing smoothly, with an investment of nearly 1.4 billion yuan. The ground concrete works in the flight area and the civil construction of the terminal have been basically completed. According to the project schedule, the completion and acceptance of the main body of the terminal will be completed by mid-to-late September.

The runway of Fairy Mountain Airport is 2,800m in length and 45m in width. It can take off and land Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and domestic C919 aircraft. At present, Fairy Mountain Airport has been deeply connected with China Express, Chengdu Airlines and Chongqing Airlines, and has carried out strategic cooperation, and preliminarily screened seven routes including Wulong - Chongqing - Beijing, Chongqing - Wulong - Guangzhou, Wulong - Jinan, Chongqing - Wulong, Xi’an - Wulong - Haikou, Chengdu - Wulong - Huizhou and Chengdu - Wulong - Hangzhou, based on the current tourist resources of Wulong tourism.

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